Happy Happy Happy

Its been a week since my last post and I feel so much better about everything, I’ve been meditating for 15 – 20 mins a day, and I can’t explain it, I just feel steadier, more part of the world, and stronger in my mind!! watch this space 😀


Blow me out, I am so sad I don’t know why

I’m loving life but!!! At the same time, I live in a tiny town, nothing happens, ever! But i’m content, I watch these programes on Tv and they really excite  me! but yet I feel content, but at the same time I feel left out!! What is this, i’m 37! Do I need A purpose? or just a slap? 😀

6/3 Thank you for……

So we went on holiday and had a fabulous time! We ate some amazing food, saw loads of beautiful stuff, and walked till our legs nearly fell off.

I’m also feeling so much gratitude for our beautiful home, its so full of light and positive energy, I feel so lucky to call myself a homeowner after growing up in rented houses all my life, so we’re decorating the hall next, and putting a window seat in the den so we can sit and look out over the hills with a lovely glass of vino………ah I can’t wait, its such an amazing view!

Lastly I feel enormous gratitude for my freedom, today I booked a weekend hoop convention, its great to have the time, the money, a wonderful partner who encourages me to do my own thing, oh and a great bunch of mates to go with 🙂

Thanks xx


21/2 Thank you for……

I just got my GB energy bill and after a long cold SCOTTISH winter my gas and electricity payments have stayed the same! My house has been cosy and i’ve been having regular bubble baths……….I was with Npower this time last year and my bills were over DOUBLE what i’m paying now so I switched!! Boy am I glad I did!!

I’ve been dreading this bill as it covers Jan & Feb but no change ❤

Thank you GB Energy!


Nailed it! …….kind of

So Taylor’s dad turned up last night with this cake he’d made for Taylor’s birthday, firstly i’d like to say, Tommy is the sweetest man in the world, he’s always helping us out with stuff, but I couldn’t NOT share this…..even though I do feel slightly guilty

When he showed up with it we could barely hold it together as you can imagine………..and then when he told us the wheels were sliced POTATOES!! I mean he actually said “don’t eat the wheels, they’r potatoes, they’r just for show”😂😂😂😂😂

Can you imagine how hard it was to not collapse into a crumpled heap of hysterical laughter, which by the way is precisely what we done the minute he was out the door.

But, honestly the best gift you can ever receive really is laughter so I reckon Tommy nailed it……..kind of

14/2 Thank you for…..

Waking up to Russell Brand tickets for valentines! Literally cannot wait to go, but i’ll need to put a cap on my absolute adoration of him since i’m going with my man, who bought me the tickets  

Won a gym membership for a week!!! I’ll need to pick my week strategically, like not a week when i’m tired, hmmm could be a while 😀

A totally beautiful blue sky, the air is lovely and just a little hazy! The town looks beautiful………SPRING IS COMING ❤


12/2 Thank you for….

Some well needed hula hoop practice with Karen and Sooz.

A few hours spent flicking through old photographs, and wrapping myself up nice and warm in lovely memories, yes i’m feeling older but what good times i’ve had!

Getting my dinner made for me by my gem of a man ❤